You have stumbled upon our humble game blog. Most of the pages here will be a mess while I tinker around with the features of Obsidian Portal.

As of the moment, we are playing Red Hand of Doom. This blog will tell of the exploits and trials of our heroes as they try to stop the Red Hand Horde as it rages across the Dawn Way.

Game Details

Game: Dungerons and Dragons 3.5

Setting: Greyhawk-ish

We play weekly though the internet. Players are from across the globe (USA, Philippines, Germany, Australia, Denmark at the time of writing). We talk on Teamspeak, use Maptool as our virtual tabletop, and DM Genie for managing just about everything.

For more information on this campaign, check out the campaign blog. I will slowly be migrating content from the old campaign blog to this one.

Red Hand of Doom by the GeminiGM

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